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STATS UPDATE - All games updated up to and including April 6th. Registration for the 23rd Annual HometownHockey.ca pool is now open!Week #26 Complete. Standings updated. Fightin' Irish win March Madness. Lake Monsters, Spitfires and Titans have clinched their divisions. Spitfires have clinched the Stanley Cuo! Welcome Title
    Welcome to the Official site of the Windsor Fantasy Hockey League. The WFHL was founded in 2013 and is intended to promote long-term friendships, fellowship and competitive hockey rivalries. The League is a keeper Fantasy league based on actual NHL stats. Each year 12 General Managers compete for the Stanley Cup.
    Please enjoy your visit to our site!
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League TitleWeek #26 - Click for HEAD-TO-HEAD Details
26 Versus 17 12 Versus 31
24 Versus 20 20 Versus 30
13 Versus 22 27 Versus 23
Stat Database Last Updated: Apr. 07, 2019 @ 8:55 AM EDT

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16 - Feb. 27, 2019
G - Andrei VasilevskiyG - Marc-Andre Fleury
D - Erik Gustafsson
Dragons 1st Round Entry
15 - Feb. 25, 2019
LW - Filip ForsbergLW - Nick Foligno
Generals 12th Round EntryDragons 2nd Round Entry
14 - Feb. 23, 2019
C - Evgeny KuznetsovSpitfires 2nd Round Entry
Generals 5th Round EntrySpitfires 3rd Round Entry
13 - Feb. 23, 2019
RW - Alexander RadulovLW - Jake DeBrusk
D - Justin SchultzRW - Tyler Toffoli
LW - Kevin FialaSpitfires 1st Round Entry
12 - Feb. 22, 2019
RW - Nikita KucherovC - Steven Stamkos
AL Champs 1st Round EntryRW - Patrik Laine
AL Champs 2nd Round EntryDragons 1st Round Entry
Lake Monsters 1st Round Entry
11 - Feb. 18, 2019
C - Ryan Nugent-HopkinsGenerals 3rd Round Entry
Lake Monsters 11th Round Entry
Trade Database Last Updated: Mar. 4, 2019 @ 9:55 AM EST

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