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Last Updated February 25, 2013

    The Cornwall Fantasy Hockey League (hereinafter called the "League") was founded in 1995 and is intended to promote long-term friendships, fellowship and competitive hockey rivalries. The League will not have a commissioner, simply a statistician. The owners will govern the League and each Franchise will have one (1) vote on all League issues. Majority always rules. The owners must take an active role and keen interest in League play and operations.

    The rules that govern our League operations will be balanced to allow all owners fair and equal opportunity to be successful. The League is designed to be fun and promote healthy hockey debate amongst its members.

    Owner's Duties

    It is the duty of each owner in the League, to comply with the following:
      1. Owners must choose a name for their Team along with team colours prior to the annual Entry Draft. A team logo will be then designed for the new franchise.

      2. By participating in the League, the owners agree to abide by the general sportsmanship rules set forth in this constitution and to always make decisions in an effort to protect and foster the friendship/camaraderie amongst League owners. It is understood that the owners will submit and dress their most competitive line-up each and every week. The outcome of a single game could change the final outcome for a number of teams.

      3. Owners must always consider the impact of their actions on the League as a whole. If an owner is unsure of the appropriate course of action, they should seek the counsel of the other owners.

      4. Owners are expected to take an active interest in League play and will maintain their team as they see fit and proper.

      5. Each franchise must submit new weekly starting line-ups to League Headquarters prior to 6:30 PM each Monday evening (or 30 minutes prior to the start of the first game of the week). Should a franchise fail to submit a line-up prior to the deadline, the line-up from the previous week shall prevail. If a franchise fails to submit a starting line-up for four (4) consecutive weeks, the franchise shall be considered Abandoned. Owners will receive a warning e-mail one week prior to having their team marked abandoned. Once a team is abandoned, the franchise becomes the property of the League until a suitable replacement is found. Each owner will be responsible for a proportionate share of the league dues, based upon the number of weeks each owner was in control of the franchise.

    League Play
    The League shall consist of twenty-four (24) teams, divided into two conferences of three divisions of four teams each. The Cornwall Conference will have Divisions called: Gretzky, Orr, and Savard. The Ronzo Conference will have Divisions called: Campbell, Wales and Lang.

    The composition of each division will change annually based upon the results of the previous season. Division winners are ranked 1-6. All other teams are then ranked 7-24. Remaining three teams in each division are determined by snaking back and forth as follows:

    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
    12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7
    13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18
    24 - 23 - 22 - 21 - 20 - 19

    (NOTE: The Statistician will be provided with latitude on which names (from above) are assigned to each Division. The competitiveness will not be affected due to the balanced schedule and the re-seeding process above. This is only done to provide as many Division Champions as possible the opportunity to "repeat" in their respective Divisions)

    Each team will protect 11 players from the previous season with an entry draft of 12 (twelve)rounds for a total of 23 players. Maximum number of players that can be carried per team is 25.

    The actual order of finish of teams will be used to determine the Draft order.

    League teams will play a weekly head to head schedule within their own Fantasy League. The schedule will last 26 weeks, similar to the NHL. The week will generally run from Monday to Sunday (7days), however there will some exceptions where the week might be slightly shorter or longer than 7 days.

    Each team will play their own Division rivals twice each. These divisional games will fall in weeks 1-3 and in weeks 24-26. (TOTAL 6 games)

    Each team will then play every other team in the other divisions ONCE each. (TOTAL 20 games) This schedule will see teams play 14 games within their conference and 12 games versus teams from the other conference.

    Summer Meeting
    A summer meeting may be held in August to review the League operation and deal with any proposed rule changes. Majority vote will always prevail. Notice will be given to all owners. If an owner cannot attend he may send a written proposal for the league owners to deal with and vote on.

    Any proposed changes to the constitution that will drastically change the competition should be submitted to league headquarters 1 week prior to the designated date of the summer meeting.

    If possible, the agenda with all the proposed changes will be sent out 5 days prior to the meeting for the purpose of preparation.

    Entry Draft
    All team owners must attend the annual Entry draft to choose their team. If a team owner cannot be present for the Entry draft, he MUST send a representative with full drafting privileges in his place to choose for him. If a GM fails to send a representative to draft on their behalf at the Entry Draft, than that franchise's pick will be skipped in the regular order of the draft. In the following 48 hours from the draft, the offending GM will be able to draft the required number of players. Should the GM or his representative, arrive part way through the draft, they will be able to participate in the draft from the point they arrive. Any missed picks, will be made up at the end of the draft.

    All teams will protect 11 players & choose 12 players, resulting in a total of 552 players eligible to compete in the League. Teams can carry no more than 25 players at any one time. In addition, teams must maintain the league minimum of players of 11. (i.e.: the ability to field a starting line-up.)

    Lots out of a hat will choose inaugural draft order. Each NHL player will be permitted to be protected/drafted twice and will be clearly indicated in the stats program. [ie: Hossa, Marian (A) and Hossa, Marian (B)]. It is prohibited for the same NHL player to be on the same CFHL roster more than once - at the same time.

    Draft lists will include every available player twice (from the League Database), in an effort to avoid confusion. This Draft List is not intended to be a complete list and owners may choose any player they wish, provided he has been drafted by the NHL, is signed by an NHL team, or is currently at an NHL Training Camp. It is not permissable to draft junior age players who DO NOT meet this criteria.

    The League is designed to continue from year to year and as a result, teams are permitted to protect 11 players, from any position, at the end of the season. A written protected list must be submitted to league headquarters by the agreed upon deadline. This deadline will be decided at the Summer meeting of League owners. Draft order in the second and subsequent years will be in reverse order of finish from the previous year. (i.e. Last place gets first pick).

    Each team will have 60 seconds to make their pick. If time elapses, the next team in the draft order will get to make a pick and the offending team will follow that pick. Each team will be granted one 60 second Time-Out. A twelve round draft should last no more than 4 hours and will usually be held on a weekend afternoon.

    Waiver Draft
    Each team shall receive six (6) Waiver Picks called O, N, D, J, F, M and can trade them as they see fit. On the last Monday of each month owners will need to submit their dropped players to match the number of Waiver picks they have in that month. So for example, if the Ice Miners have two J Waiver picks, they need to drop two players. Waiver Draft order will be in reverse order of finish based on the final standings of the most recently completed week.

    On the Monday night, the statistician will post the draft order for the 24 picks and owners shall can make all of the picks online via the forum.

    All players' positions will be determined and classified according to the Player Search page on

    Once a player is drafted his position will always remain consistent. Should a player have 2 positions listed, the owner shall be able to choose from the listed positions.

    As of September 2010 there were 6 players who have two different positions in the CFHL. (ie RW: Sam Gagner, LW: Sam Gagner). These players include Dustin Brown, Ryane Clowe, Marian Gaborik, Sam Gagner, Dany Heatley and Zach Parise. Their current positions will be grandfathered, however no future player can have multiple positions in the CFHL. Once a player is left unprotected for both his A & B, then his position will be checked on and adjusted accordingly. If only one of the players (A or B) is left unprotected, his position will be the same as the CFHL protected player regardless of what may indicate.

    (For example, Joe Blow is currently on two CFHL teams and is listed as a Center and lists him as a Left Winger. If both CFHL teams do not protect Joe Blow, his position will be changed to LW. If only one of the two CFHL teams protects him, then his position will remain as C.)

    On the day of the Entry draft, a page from NHL com stating the player's position MUST be shown to the rest of the GM's before that player can be drafted.

    Switching players positions in the off season:
    If a player's position in the CFHL is different than his official position listed on the GM(s) who own said player may choose to change his position during the off season with certain restrictions.

    1) Player positions can only be changed during the time period after the deadline for submitting the 11 player protected list and before the first pick in the entry draft. (when your roster is only 11 players)

    2) If only one GM owns said player he has the option to either keep him in his current position or change him to the official position listed on A change position request must be submitted before the first pick in the Entry Draft. If a player is changed position in this manner the position of the second free agent player (A or B) will also be changed to match that of the protected player.

    3) if two GMs own said player, and said player is listed in two positions in the CFHL (example: Player A is LW but Player B is C). And one of the players is positioned correctly according to, the owner of the incorrectly positioned player has the option to switch his player's position or keep him in his current position. The GM of the correctly positioned player has no say in this decision and CANNOT change his player's position to match that of the incorrectly positioned player. Should both CFHL players be listed at different positions, and the position listed on be a third position (example: Player A is LW, Player B is C but said player is listed as RW on Both GMs have the option of either switching said player's position or keeping him in his current position. These moves are independent of each other and the decision of either GM does not affect the decision of the other.

    4) If two GMs own said player, and both CFHL player A and B are listed in the same position. BOTH GMs MUST AGREE to move said player to his official position as listed on Under no circumstances will one player be allowed to move and not the other, creating a CFHL player listed in two different positions . Should one GM not wish to move his player's position the second GM will not be allowed to switch his player either.

    Once the first pick at the Entry Draft has been chosen all CFHL protected player positions will be locked in for the remainder of the season.

    Scoring System
    Results are determined by the NHL statistics accumulated by team players during games in that week in the NHL. The scoring system awards one (1) point for a goal or an assist, two (2) points for a goaltender's win, one (1) point for a OTL beginning in the 2006/2007 season and an additional three (3) points for a shutout. A goaltender must play at least 45 minutes of the game and be the goaltender of record in order to be credited with the 3 points for a shutout. Should a goaltender be replaced due to injury, the NHL awards the shutout to the team and not the winning goaltender.

    In a Fantasy game, the fantasy points earned by a team's starters during that week are added and compared to the same total for that of the scheduled opponent. The team that earns the most points during that week is awarded a win, the other team a loss. If the two teams finish with the same number of points, the game is recorded as a tie. League standings are tabulated in the standard NHL fashion: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and no points for a loss. The team that has accumulated the most points in the standings at the end of the season will be declared the RONZO CUP CHAMPIONS.

    Each Major team's starting line-up will consist of: 2 Left Wingers, 2 Centres, 2 Right Wingers, 4 Defencemen and 1 Goaltender. These players must be submitted and recorded at League Headquarters thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the earliest game. If an owner fails to submit a starting line-up the line-up from the previous week will prevail. The submitted starting line-up must remain the same for the balance of the week.

    Unofficial game updates will be posted on the League web site regularly. The unofficial results will be tabulated utilizing data from Official results and standings for each week will be issued on or before Tuesday afternoon after the statistics have been tabulated and verified.

    It will be each owner responsibility to double check their own scores & any discrepancies must be reported to the statistician prior to 6:30 pm on the Tuesday night. If there is a score dispute, it will the responsibility of the owner filing the dispute to send the Statistician what you deem to be the scores of the 22 players in question (so that it will narrow down where the difference might be).

    Ties in the final standings are broken in the following manner:(Each criteria will be utilized one after another, in order, until the tie is broken)
      1. Most Wins
      2. Best Record in Head to Head Competition
      3. Most Points For in Head to Head Competition
      4. Most Points For during the Regular Season

    Teams can make trades at any point during the season (including the entry draft), prior to the trading deadline. The trading deadline will be the Sunday following the NHL Trading Deadline at 11:59 pm EST. It is understood that all teams will maintain at least the league minimum in terms of number of players on their roster. Trades can include any number of players, draft choices and/or cash. All trades will take effect on the following Monday before the drop of the puck of the first game. All trades must be approved by league owners. If an owner files a complaint, the remaining team owners will determine if the trade is valid. All trades will be made public to all teams via the league site. The trading of draft picks for the following season may only occur during or after the Entry Draft each year. For example, a draft pick for the 2010-11 season can only be traded during or after the 2009-10 Enry Draft and not before.

    As a courtesy to League General Managers, it is agreed that all trade offers must be responded to within a maximum of 48 hours. Starting with the 2010-11 CFHL Season, the "48 Hour Response to Email" rule will be enforced more vigorously. If an owner fails to respond to a trade request within 48 hours, the GM who offered the trade shall send the email correspondence to the League Statistician. If the same GM receives four (4) complaints from four (4) different owners, that GM will receive a warning from the League. Should the number of complaints grow to six (6) complaints from six (6) different owners, that GM's franchise shall be considered abandoned. Once a team is abandoned, the franchise becomes the property of the League until a suitable replacement is found. Each owner will be responsible for a proportionate share of the league dues, based upon the number of weeks each owner was in control of the franchise.

    Fee Structure
    The annual cost to participate in the league will be established at $150.00 for the season, payable in full prior to October 31 of the hockey season. Post dated cheques are acceptable and encouraged.

    The Entry fee will be split as follows:
    Total Pot $150.00 x 24 = $3,600.00 (Less $60.00 for Internet Fees & Administration Costs)

    • Division Winners will win $380.00 (6 x $380 = $2,280)
    • Division Runner-Ups will win $190.00 (6 x $190 = $1,140)
    • RONZO Cup Champion - $120.00 additional prize for the Champion

    Under this prize structure, 12 of the 24 GM's will win money.

    Sale of Franchise
    Should an owner decide to drop out of league play, the franchise will be turned over to the League as a whole. At that point, the statistician will send out an email to each of the league owners providing them with 48 hours to respond with a list of any potential new owners for the abandoned franchise. It is understood and agreed that existing franchise owners cannot abandon their existing team to take control of the vacated team.

    Any new owner MUST be within 1 hour driving distance from Cornwall as to attend all meetings or be willing to ensure that he is represented by someone who can be present at all drafts.

    A full and complete list of all the potential names will be compiled and emailed to all league owners. At this point the Objection and Voting Process begins. These two processes combined will take no more than 96 hours. Owners are encouraged to email the statistician with any objections to the list within the first 48 hours and if the owner has no objections, to also include their top three preferred candidates (in order). Any substantiated objection, will result in the potential owner being removed from the list. If no objections are received in the first 48 hours, then the list of nominees will be considered final. There will be a total of 96 hours (including the first 48 hours) for the owners to vote and at the conclusion of this 96 hour window, voting will close (regardless if 100% response or not) and the winner(s) will be announced. NOTE: Should the statistician receive email from ALL owners stating no objections and detailing their votes prior to the end of the 96 hours, then process will be concluded and the winner(s) announced.

    Each first place vote will receive five (5) points, each second place vote will receive three (3) points and each third place vote will receive one (1) point. The new owner who accumulates the highest number of points will be awarded ownership of the abandoned franchise. Should there be more than one team available, the franchise rights will be awarded based on the highest order of finish and the selection of the specific team will be determined by selection of names out of a hat.

    A GM from the league will be appointed as a scrutineer to assist the Statistician.

    After the new GM has been elected, the results will be emailed as to the number of 1st, 2nd & 3rd place votes each new candidate receives.

    Should a franchise be abandoned less than 7 days in advance of the annual entry draft, the Statistician will be permitted to accelerate the time lines, at his discretion. It is imperative that all twenty-four (24) teams have an owner present at the annual Entry Draft. Each owner will be responsible for a proportionate share of the league dues, based upon the number of weeks each owner was in control of the franchise.

    Minor Leagues
    The CFHL brought back the minors for the 2017-18 season. Each team will choose a minor league team name and logo. Each week, in addition to the regular line-up each team will dress six players for the minors (LW, C, RW, D, D, G). In addition to the weekly match-up, the two minor league teams will also compete against each other (Six players vs Six players - same scoring format). Draft will still be 12 rounds.

    Once a player is "protected" he is flagged until he is left unprotected. Protected players are not eligible to participate in the minors. Entry fee remains $150 for majors - same purse split. Minors Entry Fee will be $10. Split will be $140 for first, $70 for second, $30 for third. Standings will be shown as 1-24.

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